A good dock seal makes a world of difference!

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A dock seal or shelter closes the gap between the building wall and the truck being loaded / unloaded by sealing the top and sides of the back-end of the transport vehicle while it is open, essentially creating an extension of the warehouse. Without functioning dock seals / shelters, facilities tend to experience higher infiltration of air, rain, or insects, and unsealed gaps can lead to regular loss of heating or cooling (especially concerning for food & cold storage operations or those with conditioned loading docks).

To solve these issues, Seals & Shelters are installed at the exterior of the building at a loading dock door opening. They serve a number of purposes, primarily by offering protection from elements and preventing excess air transfer at the loading dock.

A compression seal with foam-filled side pads is the industry standard for a basic seal (the back of the tractor trailer compressing the side pads to create a tight seal). But there are many options suited for operations that may commonly service trucks of varying sizes.

When servicing and installing dock seals and shelters, our company does extensive site analysis and research to provide the solution that will best fit the customer’s needs, whether they be for seals accommodating trucks of varying heights, or those with special features like lift gates that would create an issue for use with a typical compression-style dock seal.

We also offer additional components, including header seals installed above the opening to divert rain away from the doorway in the case of heavy precipitation, or inflatable shelters for rail docks. Whatever kind of door opening you have, we can find the seal for you.

We also offer additional seals for filling common gaps in warehouses & manufacturing facilities.

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