Commercial Doors

At American Overhead Door & Dock Inc. we represent the best lines of commercial doors in the industry.  Representing a couple of different manufactures of doors provides us with the flexibility to supply customers with the correct door for their application.  Whether you are looking for AOHD&D to furnish and install doors in your brand-new warehouse, or you recently had a forklift driver run through one of your dock doors,we have what you are looking for.  We stock slabs of sections in our 27,000 SQ warehouses, which provides us with the ability to replace sections same day if an emergency arises and our customers the peace of mind that if an emergency does arise, we have them covered.  See below for a few different options of doors we supply and install. 

Heavy-Duty Steel Sectional Doors

We are able to over a wide variety of sectional doors for any application our customers may have.  If you have a cold loading dock and need to keep a certain temperature, we are able to offer a polyurethane insulated door with substantial insulation value.If such robust insulation isn’t required, we offer doors of varying thickness (7/8” up to 3” thick) with R-Values ranging from 7.45 to 25.8 (polystyrene vs. polyurethane core).  Whatever application you have, we have the answer for you overhead door needs.

Commercial Aluminum Sectional Doors

Our aluminum sectional doors are strong, rugged and durable. A versatile product consisting of aluminum rails and stiles, combined to provide a strong profiled framing structure with aluminum panels and a wide range of glazing choices. This is the ideal application for retail and hospitality, service stations, quick lube facilities and automobile dealerships.

Rolling Steel / Coiling Service Doors and Grills

Rolling steel industrial service doors are designed for commercial and industrial applications.  Our rolling steel service doors can fit any opening you are looking to add both security and functionality to. All model doors are available with the industry’s largest selection of curtain materials and colors, and high-speed/high-performance options are available.

Security Bug Blockers

Hot warehouses with no ventilation lead to unhappy employees and subpar work performance; our secure stainless steel screen doors are the answer.  The bug blocker screen door is able to be added to your existing overhead door and will allow you to leave your overhead door open while providing you the peace of mind that your warehouse inventory is safe.  The screens are made of stainless steel wire mesh that meets federal specification standards; we can also offer a fine screen mesh that is accepted in food industry applications. 

Bug Barrier

The Bug Barrier is an industrial mesh bug door used to improve air flow while keeping out insects.  If security isn’t a major concern the bug barrier is the answer.  It’s perfect for food processing and manufacturing plants, helping facilities comply with USDA Federal regulations. Bug barriers can be readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings to eliminate unwanted pests such as insects, birds, and other airborne contaminants.


Industrial Air Curtains

Our industrial air curtains provide the necessary power and airflow to protect large openings against penetrating outside air. These models can be manufactured in single increments up to 30 feet wide.

Typical applications include loading dock / vehicle bay / roll-up doors and large openings in an industrial environment.


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